Multiple IPs on the same NIC

I have been trying to add IPs to my NIC. Is there a "how to"? I keep getting "SIOCADDRT: No such process" when I do a service network restart. How do I even begin to diagnose it?



Which page in Webmin or Virtualmin are you using to do this?

I am not sure where to start. That's the basic problem. I have no idea where the NetWork Configuration menu is in Virtualmin.

Can someone walk me through adding to eth0 as eth0:0???

You can find more info on this here:

You shouldn't ever need to explicitly bring up a network interface in Virtualmin .. instead, it will happen automatically when you create a domain with its own private IP (such as for SSL).

This can be done on the Create Virtual Server page, in the "IP address and forwarding" section.

If you want to add eth0:0 with a specific IP, you can go to Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Network Interfaces.