vm .90/wm .80 fedora 16

I installed the latest vm version. According to the change log it should have support or systemd now. But virtualmin still doesn't recognize mysql on fedora 16 (because no init script anymore). I could start mysql manually or change the module config manually of course. But I was wondering whether vm should be able to do this after the update out of the box?



Have you upgraded to Webmin 1.580? That's the update which includes systemd support ..

You can check by running rpm -q webmin

Yes, I did ("wm .80" in the issue title was supposed to be 1.5.80)

Ok .. if you go to Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown, what boot system does it display at the top of the page? Also, does it show the mysql service as running?

The systemd webmin part is working (including mysql start, stop etc). Just the virtualmin part doesn't seem to work.

Which page in Virtualmin isn't working exactly, and what error message and/or incorrect behavior are you getting ?

If you do "recheck configuration" you get the error message that mysql is not installed.

If you go to Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database, does it show your mysql DBs? Or does it think that MySQL is down, or missing?

This part shows that mysql is not started. But I just noticed that I can not start mysql there, because "... init.d ..." missing.

But I can start mysql via the systemd (boot and startup) module.

Seems like the real issue is that it thinks MySQL is down ...

The quick fix for the issue of an init.d script being used to start MySQL is to click on the "Module Config" link, and change "Command to start MySQL server" to "systemctl start mysqld.service"

Yes, I understand that I could change the module config (as mentioned in my first post), the actual question was, whether the update should have done this automatically?

Unfortunately they don't happen automatically for existing installs , due to the way Webmin's configurations are stored. A fresh install wouldn't have this issue..