Cannot install Virtualmin in a Parallels Virtuozzo VPS because /tmp is mounted noexec

Attempting to install Virtualmin on a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 VPS server running within Parallels Virtuozzo fails with multiple errors: 1205: /tmp/.virtualmin-5920/files/spinner: Permission denied

Apparently because /tmp is mounted noexec

Is it possible to work around this, by forcing the install to use another directory? One that I can create and control?



Howdy -- the installer is setup to use /tmp for the installation, so unfortunately, the only way to resolve the issue would be to mount /tmp with the "exec" parameter.

You should be able to work with your VPS provider to perform such a setup though, as /tmp doesn't need to be mounted as noexec, and you could always re-enable that after the installation is complete.


That is what I have done, each time I have set up a new VPS, I am looking for a workaround that would enable me to perform the install when /tmp is mounted noexec.

They temporarily remount it, but that means creating a support ticket and then waiting for the support ticket to be responded to. I am hoping to create a method of recovery that does not require the wait. Something I can be in control of and preferably can automate.



One fix would be to edit the script you download, and change all the places where it uses /tmp to a writable directory, like /root