Added SSL cert and broke install scripts

Had a domain sharing the default IP address and needed to add an SSL cert. Gave this domain a new IP address and was able to get both HTTP & HTTPS to work. However, when trying to install the Piwik script, for instance, the installer will partially run resulting in a "Initial install page failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found".

osTicket will return a similar "osTicket configuration failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"

FengOffice "Failed to get PHP session cookie : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"

What did I break? Any ideas?

Subdomains for this same account still work okay.



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How did you change the IP address exactly? From those errors, it seems like Virtualmin may be confused about what the domain's IP address should be ..

First I used webmin to add a new virtual interface, eth0:3, with the new static IP. As soon as applied, pings started returning. Looked good.

Then used Virtualmin, chose the domain, edit virtual server, and updated the external IP address under configurable settings. Also enabled feature, SSL website. Looked like everything worked out okay, DNS records were updated correctly, however the site was broken for both HTTP & HTTPS.

So, and here is where I probably goofed, I went back into Webmin and noticed that the Apache virtual host configuration still had the old shared IP. I updated the IP's for the virtual hosts in the config file and the site was back. It was at this time that I noticed the scripts were broken, but they could have been broken earlier as well.

Thanks for any suggestions!


You really don't want to update the Apache config like that .. it confuses VIrtualmin, and is probably wrong. I'd suggest reverting that change.

Why did you update the external IP though? Normally this is only needed if running behind a NAT gateway..

I moved the domain to its own static IP in order to accommodate its own SSL cert. There is already a cert used for the shared IP.

If I revert the Apache change, the site will break because the virtualhost IP will be wrong again. Is there a way to fix the new static IP and have virtualmin not be confused? Thanks!

I'd suggest changing the ip back in the apache config, when changing the domains ip using Virtualmin immediately after - this will minimize the period of breakage.

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