FEATURE REQUEST: Select and create folders for FTP users within VM

Guys, I hope you are doing well!

We have many users that use VM to manage FTP users to upload/download various files - works great! However, it is a little inconvenient when creating a new user for a directory that doesn't exist yet (e.g. creating user "bob" under the "projects" folder so "bob" only has access to that location). Currently the admin must ftp to the site, create the folder, then he can setup the user and chroot them to the specific location (in this case ."../projects/bob/")

It would seem fairly easy for you to add the ability to create that folder from within VM, then provide a graphical way to select the correct folder location.

FEATURE REQUEST 1: Allow directories to be created from within VM when setting up FTP users
FEATURE REQUEST 2: Allow admin to select "Website subdirectory" using a graphical interface.

-- Craig



How about if creation of an FTP user automatically created whatever sub-directory you entered as his home?

The whole point of the feature request is so the user (i.e. Admin) doesn't have to know the file path, they should be able to implement it w/out having to type in a path.

Yes, what you propose is great if that's al that can be done, but a graphical interface would better.

-- Craig

Actually, Virtualmin should automatically create a user's home directory already. What link or page are you using to create new users?

Perhaps this is recent functionality? Here's what we currently are doing.

Virtualmin -> Edit Users -> Add a website FTP access user -> create the user and assign them to a sub-directory of the website (e.g. ../public_html/ftproot/design/bob/). The path ftproot/design/bob/ must be created before we can assign that directory to a user.

Maybe there is a better way to accomplish our ftp goals so let me provide a little background. Some of our customer do design and graphics work and need to send/receive large files. Creating normal FTP users doesn't easily allow file sharing among different users and group of people. In our scenario the Manager would be jailed to ftproot/design/ which allows them to see everything under that location.

A group of developer might be jailed to ftproot/clients/ which would allow them all access to all the client sub-directories.

Is there a better way to do that?
-- Craig

Guys, I wanted to follow-up on this to see if this is something you will consider adding to Vmin. Again, the ability to visually select a website sub-directory (and create it if necessary) under public_html for a "website ftp user" would be awesome.

-- Craig

Would it work better for your case to set all the FTP users' home directories to the same path, like public_html/ftproot/design ?

Would it work better for your case to set all the FTP users' home directories to the same path, like public_html/ftproot/design ?

Probably not since in our case the paths would be something like:


... and so on. However, what you propose (select and update multiple users path) would be a nice addition.

-- Craig