View password and Login to Usermin by Administrator

Dear Sir,

One of the features of the virtualmin, was the Administrator's capability to view user's password and login to usermin.

For several administrator, it's useful. but for several people, it's illegal. User should have their own privacy.

How to change the configuration, so Administrator do not have access to user's account? The only way to access the user's account, are knowing their password, or resetting their password. Password should be in encrypted code, not Admin readable.

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If you go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Administration User, there's an option there named "Store clear text passwords".

If you set that to "No", any new user will only have their password stored in encrypted form.

That will only work for new users though, it doesn't change existing Virtual Servers.

Just FYI, there is a bug in 3.89 that still reveals the password (for example if you enable imap).


The virtual server super admin will be always able to access all user accounts, even without password.