Virtualmin Centos Migration complete screw up

Hi, done migration from Centos 5.7 32b to a new one Centos 6.2 64b
I had many web servers, some on shared IP, some on dedicated with SSL certs and on virtual IP.
After migration everything seem to work fine, except those web sites with SSL certs on dedicated IPs - don't respond neither on :80 or :443.
They work in Preview mode, Firewall settings exact same as on the old one.
After hours of messing about, i've found something very wierd:
Virtualmin::Services::Configure Website - port and IP is fine but Document Root and Server name says "Default"

also when I go to Virtualmin::Services::Configure Website for SSL - that one shows completely WRONG website name (it exist but it shoudn't be there.)
Is there easy way to fix this somehow?
That's just one of examples as I have number of domains

Just looked at another web site which has everything correct (paths ports in Virtualmin::Services::Configure Website) and it still not showing live
I think it's somehow has a lot to do with IP addresses reallocation when migration is done - Firewall, DNS settings, domain ip addresses allocation.

PS. Another strange thing - when I go to Change IP address, it shows live internet IP address, but does not show what Virtual Interface it belongs to, when i try to change it to the same - it says "address is already in use."



Are you migrating from to the same physical machine with a newer OS version, and the same IP addresses?

Or are you migrating to a different datacenter, meaning your IPs would need to change?

Also, did you do the restore using the command line API, or the web interface? If from the command line, what command did you use?

Real IP suppose to stay same, physical machine is different, old machine Centos 5.7, new machine Centos 6.2.
Way I did it: backed it up via Vmin backup, saved backup file, uploaded backup file to a new server, installed Vmin and restored it via Vmin web interface.
I've managed to sort out some of things.
Migration was from one machine with single network interface (Eth0) to a proper HP server with 3 interfaces (2 regular and one ILO2 console)
Confusion seem to be - when I've done migration, Vmin Manual does not explain in details if interface settings have to be preconfigured to exact same position, when migrating it offers 3 options (keep same IP, put it on shared IP,etc)
On a new machine I've got
Eth1-real IP with virtual interfaces
Eth2-grey LAN IP
When on a new machine I had Eth1 not configured and started to migrate - it ended up with an error saying cannot figure out new IP, ok, then I've created real IP and added others as Virtual interfaces (I've got range of IPs) and to exact same position (except interface name itself is different - it was Eth0, it is Eth1 now), so I added Eth1:1, Eth1:2, Eth1:3 and so on. Then done migration, two websites had errors something like:
"Addidng Virtual IP interface for ip.ip.ip.ip..
Virtual IP address failed! : SIOCGIFADDR: Cannot assign request address SIOCSIFBROADCAST...
", the rest was fine.

One of the problems I mentioned previously was my mistake not looking deeper in Eth1 settings (Broadcast setting was wrong). I will keep testing today and let know if everything works.

Virtualmin 3.90 (which should be out in a day or two) will much improve this situation, by offering an option at restore time to keep existing IPs where possible, or re-allocate IPs for domains that had private IPs.

Does your new machine have the same eth0 IP as the old one? Do you want all your domains with private IPs to keep the same addresses on the new machine?