better error reporting

Can you please incorporate better error reporting when adding XEN (probably for others as well) dom0 or domU's to CloudMin?

I had to resubmit the form about 18 times now, trying to add a XEN dom0, because.

First it told me the xm command was found (I forgot to reboot in the XEN kernel)

So I reboot the server with XEN, and re-submit the form. Then I got an error about the Image Cache Size being invalid - I check, and the text field where I typed in "10" is grey'd out. So I click on the radio button, which was already ticked and the text box turns white again.

I submit the form, only to get an error about the SSH port being wrong. So I go back, and see that the SSH port under the backup options for the remote SSH server is also grey'd out. I then click on both the "Maximum image cache size" radio button, and "SSH port" button and submit the form. For some odd reason, the SSH username & password which I filled in was missing, so I had to re-type them both.

Time time I got an error about the LVM volume not being read properly (sorry, I forgot the error) so I go back, click on the "Maximum image cache size" radio button, and "SSH port" button, type in the "SSH username", and the "SSH Password", and see that the correct LVM volume is actually selected under "Volume Group Name" - there's only 1 LVM volume, so I don't know what the error was about.

So, I resubmit the form again, and got an error about having to delete /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/default.xml

And, I need to go back yet again and complete half the form yet again because half the values I input every time either gets lost or not captured properly.

I still need to add 8 XEN Virtual Machines to this server, so it's going to be a long day.........



Looks like the real issue here is that when clicking the browser back button, the disabled state of some fields is being reverted to what it was when the form was loaded. This has occasionally annoyed me too ... so I will fix it in the next Webmin release (1.590).

Hi Jamie,

Yes, that's the main issue but I think it would be better if there error reporting could happen in realtime using AJAX instead of using the browser's back button

That would be nice ... but it would also mean re-writing pretty much all of Cloudmin and Virtualmin :-(

Can we get an update on this, please?

Not much progress yet, sorry ... as I said, it's a huge effort.