Hello, I have this message on one of my servers: Your serial number IS licensed for only one servers, But Is Being Used on 3 I do not know how I took an extension from 50 to 100 licenses, but I did not know he had to take pack for each server? How do I do to use Virtualmin on multiple servers? Will I have to take a license for each server and how? cordially

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Howdy -- a Virtualmin license is only meant to run on one server.

So if you have two different servers, you would want to purchase two separate Virtualmin licenses for those two servers.

If that means you no longer need the upgrade from 50 to 100 that you purchased, we would gladly refund that to you.

Let us know how we can help, and thanks for choosing Virtualmin!

Ok, I'll buy a new license, but how do I change the license on my new server without reinstall? thank you

You can change the license information with the command line tools. You could use a command like this:

virtualmin change-licence --serial SERIAL_NUM --key LICENSE_KEY

Ok thank you, I have a license for 50, against could you help me? I need to register a secondary DNS server for each new virtual server - A record "NS" with the name of the secondary DNS server of my host ( - Add in BIND "allow-transfer" the IP of the secondary DNS server (213251188141) I do not know if I have to do it in 'webmin / Bind "or the" Virtualmin / Server Templates " And especially how to do it from the administration if possible?

There is information here on setting up a secondary DNS server:

If you have additional questions on how to do that -- we're happy to help, but could you open a new support request to discuss that?

We get confused if there are too many topics in one support request :-) Thanks!

Ok I understand, I will open another post by cons, in the same post on the new server I install the new license no worries. But on the old server I still have the error message: our serial number IS licensed for only one servers, But Is Being Used on 3 I did a re-check the license but nothing changes?

That message will go away after a few days. It takes a few days before the license manager "forgets" about seeing the license on an IP address.

If you're still seeing that message on Monday of next week, let us know and we'll look into that further.

Ok thank you can be closed if you want.