CloudLinux supported OS?

We are thinking of using CloudLinux instead of CentOS. CloudLinux is a specialized OS for shared hosting. It's is fully interchangeable with CentOS, you can even convert a already installed CentOS.

Does Virtualmin support CloudLinux as a supported OS?



Howdy -- I've seen a couple of other people mention CloudLinux in the forums, so I was planning to try that out and see how it works with Virtualmin.

However, we haven't done any testing with it yet, so we're not sure how well it would work.

If it's identical to CentOS, with a few packages on top of it, it may work.

But, if they change some things and use custom packages, that may break the way Virtualmin works.

Looking in their repository, I see a custom Apache version -- and my concern there is that Virtualmin also has a custom Apache version (to change the location of the suexec path), so those two may clash.

If it ever becomes something we formally support, we'll add it to the supported OS's list, but in the meantime it's untested. You may just want to try it on a test system to see how well it works for you.

I did some testing with this today.

Using CentOS 6 as a base, I first installed Virtualmin, and then performed an install of CloudLinux on top of that using their migration script, and at a glance, it seems to be working.

I then installed mod_hostinglimits on top of that, which also seemed to install okay.

The installation didn't modify the existing Virtualmin Apache packages, so suexec should continue to work correctly.

Please don't view this as formal support, because a lot of work would need to occur before we could formally say "Virtualmin works on CloudLinux".

However, as a first-time test, nothing appears to have immediately broken by running Virtualmin on CloudLinux. And if you don't mind some experimenting, and the opportunity for things to break, it may work okay.

But I'll be looking into all that further.

Thank you for the updates!

I had created a support ticket with CloudLinux to ask about the apache version, they said that it should work, even when we compile our own version. And as you already found out, it works.

Will also install a test system in the next few days.

Bump! Would it be possible we get official support timeline of CloudLinux with VirtualMin for an upcoming release? We're seriously considering using this in our production environment due to the obvious management benefits. Sorry if this is a dupe, I did perform a quick search in the forums before this post.

Thanks VirtualMin Team!

Sorry, we don't have a formal timeline :-)

There's a number of things we'll need to review before we can formally support it, and that includes some changes to Apache that are a rather significant change from the way things work today in Virtualmin.

It's on my todo list to review these things, but it's going to take some time to verify if it's even possible for this to work together with a typical Virtualmin environment.


This post is very interresting. I'd like to know if the virtualmin team work on this subject and if cloudlinux will be supported by virtualmin.

Thankks for the answer.


Sorry, we don't have support for CloudLinux at thie time. We had begun looking into it, but discovered there were some sizable hurdles that would need worked out.

We're not saying it won't ever be supported, but it's not quite there yet :-)

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Let's keep it open..cloudlinux plus virtualmin would be an awesome team...