Admin and Webmail Redirects for Mail-Only Domain


I have a client who previously had a web site with mail.

They moved the web site, but kept their mail on my server.

I disabled their web site in:

Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features -> Apache website enabled?

Some time later, I find their Admin and Webmail redirects no longer work.

Is this intentional behavior?

If a client is mail-only, they should still be able to manage their account.

Should I just tell them to use "http://admin.hoster.dom" with their own credentials instead? That does work...





Howdy -- yeah, the webmail and admin redirects rely on the website being enabled. If the website is disabled, the configuration that enables those redirects is removed from Apache.

For that to work, the website would have to be enabled, and hosted on your server.

But it's no problem to have them use