i have server behind router(static ip) and want to link with 8 external static ip.

router dont link more than one so i need some help with zones on bind dns.

thank you.

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Howdy -- when hosting websites, it's normal to host them on a single IP address.

The only reason you'd need multiple IP addresses is when a site requires SSL, since you can't have more than one SSL certificate per IP address.

If you do require more than one IP address, that's quite tricky to handle when using a NAT router, and not all routers can do it -- we'd highly recommend working with a server that's directly on the Internet.

But, if your router supports it -- you can do that by setting up an internal IP address on your server, configuring Virtualmin to put a domain on that internal IP address -- and then configuring your router to forward traffic from one of the external IP's to that internal IP address.

Remember though that this Support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers. If you're using Virtualmin GPL, we'd encourage you to use the Forums for support. We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks from the community. Thanks!

if i take virtualmin pro license will this problem be solved?

i need this ip for ssl certificates

thank you.

Unfortunately not, sorry... the problem here isn't related to Virtualmin functionality.

It's a lower-level networking problem -- if your router doesn't support forwarding those 8 external IP address to 8 different internal IP addresses, then it won't work.

It's not an issue with Virtualmin (GPL or Pro), or Apache, or BIND/DNS -- it's that your router has to be able to have 8 different public IP's, and route that traffic to 8 different internal IP's.

And if it can't do that, SSL won't work :-)

hello again

i have one internal ip so not possible to forward one internal to 8 external ip even from best router??

thank you.

i have one internal ip so not possible to forward one internal to 8 external ip even from best router??

That's correct -- if you have 8 different external IP addresses, and you use NAT -- then you would also need 8 different internal IP addresses.