log rotate errors

Hi, I recently had to remove a website from a customers virtual server - but leave everything else. After doing that I received every hour:

Virtual server validation

Virtualmin configuration check

Your system has 1.97 GB of memory, which is at or above the Virtualmin recommended limit of 256 MB.

BIND DNS server is installed, and the system is configured to use it.

Mail server Postfix is installed and configured.

Apache is installed.

Webalizer is installed.

MySQL is installed and running.

PostgreSQL is installed and running.

ProFTPd is installed.

Current logrotate configuration is not valid :

error: stat of /var/log/virtualmin/belmac.com.au_error_log failed: No such file or directory

. This must be fixed, or log file rotation will not be done.Configuration errors found

So, this tells me something is broken. So, I went in and complete deleted the domain - rebooted, then re-created it, but am still getting the error.

please advise. regards steve



It's possible that the log files for that domain are pointing somewhere else.

Can you determine where those log files are? If Virtualmin is thinking that they'd be in /var/log/virtualmin, but they're somewhere else (perhaps in $HOME/log/) -- that could cause the problem you're seeing.

Since this is just an issue with one domain, you at that point could just modify the logrotate entry to point to the current location.

Hi, thanks for the reply - no, the files are where they should be. What else could be wrong please?

Hmm, the error message above makes it sound like it's looking for the log in "/var/log/virtualmin/belmac.com.au_error_log ", but that the file doesn't exist there.

What does this command show:

ls -l /var/log/virtualmin/belmac.com.au_error_log