License question for OS re-install

Hi, I will be upgrading from CentOS 5.7 to 6.2 soon (well a clean install obviously) and would like to know if there will be an issue on install of vmin as one of my employees accidentally put the license key on our 5.7 dev machine. Now the virtualmin lic info shows two installs..

Also, is there a way for me to remove the lic from this machine in the mean time? (this is the same box that will be wiped soon and become the hot spare)

Thanks a lot.



Howdy -- the license manager will "forget" about seeing it on a server after a few days after the license is removed from that server.

That won't prevent you guys from being able to install it on another machine. You may see a warning for a little while though.

As far as how to remove it -- the installer has a "-u parameter that can be used for removing Virtualmin. If you run "./ -u", that would remove Virtualmin from that machine.

OK great thanks a lot.