to get rifd of php notices and warns in virtualmin _error_log

my virtual min log in grow in 1gb size per 2 days due to php notices logged how to disable notices PHP in virtualmin? E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_NOTICE in both php.ini and php5.ini configuratin doesnt seem to be helpful



Howdy -- if that Virtual Server is setup to use CGI or FCGID, you'd want to look in $HOME/etc/php.ini, and tweak the error_reporting line in that file.

If that Virtual Server is using mod_php, you'd need to edit the system-wide php.ini file in /etc/php.ini.

You'd want to make sure that there is only one error_reporting line. You could try setting it to this to make sure only errors are being reported:


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thnk I really apreciate it yes I use fgci I ve tried $HOME/etc/php.ini there is link to php5/php.ini I put error_reporting = E_COMPILE_ERROR|E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR|E_ERROR|E_CORE_ERROR there but it still drops lines like this [Wed Jan 11 05:14:48 2012] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: include(): http:// wrapper is disabled in bla bla bla tried everything i thinks its vitrualmin logs or something pls assist

Well, you're seeing a PHP issue of some sort. It looks like the way include() is being used in the code won't work properly.

That's not just a deprecated message, but one showing that the code isn't going to work as such; that may be a legitimate error :-)

However, if you'd like to review those issues further, we'd encourage you to post your questions over in the Forums. Thanks!