roundcube redirection

I use roundcube module which redirect to roundcube instalation, not display the webpage, I receive blank page but the link is corect it display in separate page, but in usermin frame no, it receive [09/Jan/2012:20:06:52 +0100] "GET /roundcube/ HTTP/1.1" 302 0 issue. Pleasu help!



I'm not sure I understand ... what Roundcube module are you referring to?

I use this module: Read Mail (RoundCube) 1.0 (the module functionality is same with custom link, just rediect to a link) - I use virtulamin, i create domain '' with Alias /webmail to roundcube which is instaled in /usr/share/roundcube, in work corectly. But when is set in usermin roundcube module to redirect me to appear just a blank page. I usermin/miniserv.log appear this issue [10/Jan/2012:07:12:19 +0100] "GET /roundcube/ HTTP/1.1" 302 0

Well, that's a third party module -- you may need to speak with the author of that module regarding the specifics of how it works, as we're unfortunately not familiar with it.

However, you may want to verify that RoundCube is working properly even without that module... normally in a Virtualmin setup, it doesn't work to run scripts out of /usr -- PHP and Apache are configured to run them out of /home.

My recommendation would be to setup RoundCube within a new Virtual Server... you could name the Virtual Server "roundcube.yourdomain.tld" (for example), and then configure the module to redirect to that.

If you do that, I'd recommend removing the RoundCube version in /usr, so that you don't run into any conflicts.

Hello I think I found the problem: Protect from Clickjacking by sending X-Frame-Options headers roundcube has a frame protection, so can not include in frame, if I disable this protection does not allow to login.