Request for help

Can you please read the question below and see if you can give it an answer.

It is a genuine request for info because I am running fail2ban on my server and if I don't stop it before creation, alteration, or deletion any server, it (fail2ban) either no longer works or no longer works for the particular server being created, altered, or deleted

thanks Allan



Howdy --

you will find a field “Command to run before making changes to a server” my question is about this field.

Is the command in the field fully completed prior to altering a domain (creation, alteration, or deletion) or is the command started and then altering the domain started prior to the command being finished?

The function Virtualmin uses to call that command is "backquote_logged", which is similar to executing a command with Perl's backquote function.

When using that, a command is executed, and everything else stops until that command exits.

So if you needed a command to complete before continuing with modifying a Virtual Server -- that should work as you need!

Yes, domain creation will be blocked until the command completes. And if it fails, domain creation will be halted..