Amazon SOAP authentication


I have a problem that is driving my to distraction.

I have a web app hosted on a virtualmin server that is using amazon s3 cloud storage solution. Each time I try to authenticate to the amazon server I get an access denied error message.

I have uploaded the web app onto another server I have access to and used the same authentication, and found that the user details had no problem so I can surmise that the problem does not occur with the access details.

I have reviewed all the logs on the virtualmin server to establish what is causing this issue but I have found no solution.

The support department for the web app think that a port is blocked on the server preventing the authenication but web services run on port 80 and this port is not blocked.

Can anybody give me any guidance on this problem.

thanks in advance




Howdy -- well, it sounds like you're dealing with an application-specific issue, or maybe something related to dependencies. Nothing on a server running Virtualmin would prevent SOAP authentication though.

It could possibly be related to software versions available on the distribution you're running. For example, we've seen problems when running some applications on PHP 5.3 that don't occur on PHP

It could also be a missing dependency. For example, if you're application is using PHP, SOAP support doesn't come with PHP by default, you have to install the php-xml package to have that.

However, we're not familiar with specific web applications and their interaction with Amazon's cloud storage, unfortunately... so if the above doesn't help, we'd encourage you to ask in the forums (using the Forums link above) -- it's possible some folks in there may have some insight.