I want to increase the number of domain I can support from 10 to 50

I want to increase the number of Domain I can support from 10 to 50. How much money to you need from me to for fill this request? I bought I renewal license for 50 which I asked if I could do this to migrate from 10 to 50 which I was told I could. But I still have only domains. Could you give me the price for difference to accomplish this upgrade?





Howdy! Unfortunately, someone may have given you incorrect information (or misunderstood the question). I reviewed your past questions, and I don't see that question here -- I'm hoping it wasn't one of us who said that :-)

You can purchase renewals, and you can purchase upgrades -- but they're each separate.

So to upgrade from a Virtualmin 10 to a Virtualmin 50 -- you'd need one of these, it costs $60:


You still need a license renewal, in addition to the upgrade. But you can keep your costs down by first renewing the 10, and then doing the upgrade to 50.

So here's what I recommend:

  • We can issue you a refund for your Virtualmin 50 renewal

  • You can purchase a Virtualmin 10 renewal (for $45), and then an upgrade from Virtualmin 10 to 50 (for $60).

Let us know if you'd like to proceed with that.