System Updates


I regularly keep up with the updates that show up in the update section for "Virtualmin Packages."

What's the best way to handle the updates that are displayed in the "system Packages" section.

Currently my test and production server show 436 updates here. There is a lot of stuff in there I have never heard of - for example - The Chewing engine for IBus input platform. . . .

Is it normally safe to run all these updates. If so do you update 1 at a time so you can tell if an update negatively affects your server?

How do you guys at Virtualmin handle it?





Howdy -- the packages provided by your vendor (CentOS in this case) are generally pretty well tested.

I'd recommend installing them whenever they become available -- and in that case, you'd rarely be upgrading more than a few at a time.

Doing 436 updates is quite a few -- I'd probably upgrade them all at once on your test server, and if you don't run into any issues, do the same on your production system.

However, when upgrading packages from the CentOS repository, it's typically fairly safe. It's only when enabling third party repositories that problems tend to start occurring.