Support option missing in 'pro'

My VM pro tech support option & tech support privileges option are missing on this CentOS 6 pro server! (it's there on my CentOS 5 server).



I'm sorry andreychek - I can't see it!

"Login to Virtualmin as root On the System Information page, click on the optional Virtualmin packages link. "

I have no such link. I DO have:

"All Virtualmin packages are up to date."

Hrm, I don't see it either :-)

I'll look into how that can be done from within the Virtualmin GUI and update the docs... but in the meantime, you can also install this module from the command line with this command:

yum install wbm-virtualmin-support

No, that didn't work I'm afraid.

"Package 2:wbm-virtualmin-support-1.6-1.noarch already installed and latest version Nothing to do"

I did yum remove wbm-virtualmin-support*, then yum install - and also /etc/webmin/restart

No joy!

Okay, and just to make sure you're looking in the right place -- the options are in "System Settings". There should be a "Support Login Privileges" and "Submit Support Ticket" option.

Do you see those, or are those options missing on your system?

;-) Yep, well worth checking!

But no, I think they ARE missing..

Here's the options I have:

Features and Plugins Server Templates Account Plans Bandwidth Monitoring Reseller Accounts Script Installers New Feature Log Cloudmin Services Client Virtualmin Configuration Re-Check Configuration

Okay, we may need to ask Jamie about this one, as that's a bit odd :-)

Jamie, he has the virtualmin-support module installed (he even reinstalled it) -- but none of the support options are showing up in System Settings.

Do you have any thoughts as to why those aren't displaying for him?

If you click on Features And Plugins, does the Virtualmin Support plugin appear in the list? If so, make sure the box next to it on the left it checked, then click the Save button.

I have "Virtualmin Support Links" (enabled), but no "Virtualmin Support" plugin.

(But then I don't on my CentOS 5 server either - that's not got this issue)

Yes, that's the one you want to enable..

Sorry, what I meant was that you should check the box next to "Virtualmin Support Links" , and then click "Save".

If that doesn't help .. try deleting the directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/links-cache and then logging out of Virtualmin and logging in again.

No, that didn't fix it.

But now I see the problem. I went to features & plugins. "Virtualmin Support Links" was enabled. But when I tried to click on the link "open" I got a message "permission denied to user rmorris"

When I set up Webmin, I am in the habit of creating a webmin user with all the privileges of root (and then removing root as a webmin user).

I think what's happened is that after installing my license, my custom 'root webmin user' did not get access to all all the new modules updated. So I have gone to webmin >. webmin users >> Available Webmin modules, and enabled them all (the new Nginx module was not enabled for example).

Problem solved!

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Submitted by PatrickLambooy on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 05:21 Pro Licensee

yum -y install wbm-virtualmin-support && service webmin restart

will fix it also

I tried that Patrick (#4). It didn't work I'm afraid.

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Submitted by PatrickLambooy on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 07:57 Pro Licensee

do you login with root or a root account ?

I login to webmin as a "webmin user" with max privileges (root is not a webmin user on my setup). See #13.

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Submitted by PatrickLambooy on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 09:08 Pro Licensee

so you cant see the packages with yum ?

yum list |grep wbm wbm-php-pear.noarch 2:1.5-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-ruby-gems.noarch 2:1.4-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-security-updates.noarch 2:4.0-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtual-server.noarch 2:3.89-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-awstats.noarch 2:4.6-2 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-dav.noarch 2:3.5-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-google-analytics.noarch 2:2.6-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-htpasswd.noarch 2:2.5-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-init.noarch 2:2.2-2 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-mailman.noarch 2:6.1-2 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-notes.noarch 2:1.2-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery.noarch wbm-virtualmin-registrar.noarch 2:2.0-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-signup.noarch 2:1.3-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-support.noarch 2:1.6-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-svn.noarch 2:4.9-1 @virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-disable.noarch 1.1-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-git.noarch 1.2-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-mailrelay.noarch 2:1.7-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-nginx.noarch 1.0-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-nginx-ssl.noarch 1.0-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-oracle.noarch 2:1.9-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-powerdns.noarch 2:1.7-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-slavedns.noarch 2:1.6-2 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-sqlite.noarch 1.4-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-styles-openwebdesign.noarch wbm-virtualmin-styles-oswd.noarch 1.0-1 virtualmin-universal wbm-virtualmin-vsftpd.noarch 2:1.5-1 virtualmin-universal

this is the package you need : wbm-virtualmin-support.noarch 2:1.6-1 @virtualmin-universal

and you need a root account to file in a report. Maybe youre login in with a reseller account

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Submitted by PatrickLambooy on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 09:18 Pro Licensee

i did a minimal centos 6.2 install and installed : yum install wget perl then the : (example look in the my account for youre license) wget -O\&key=USEOWNKEY; /bin/sh

then installed: yum install wbm-virtualmin-google-analytics.noarch wbm-virtualmin-support.noarch

yum update

got the package denyhosts and rebooted then imported backups from centos 5.7 from there i saw a few mysql errors fixed that and now almost alle works.

The only thing i realy want enabled is selinux so busy with that but support works with a minimal install. so must be then user account / rights to use module support look into that

? Patrick - I'm not sure what you're doing!

Check out #13. "Problem solved"!

PaliGap - that would certainly explain it. By default Webmin / Virtualmin grants new modules only to the root or admin user, so if you created a new user as your master admin he wouldn't have access to it.

The fix for this issue in future is to go to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Upgrade Webmin -> New module grants, and enter your alternate admin username.

Ah, yes. I see.

Thanks Jamie!