Auto Scaling for Other Cloud providers

I don't know if this is possible, maybe for advanced users, you could have a place which will let you paste a path to a script that executes with certain variables posted to it. Just like how the PRE and POSST stuff works.

So a script would recv info like groupname, new instance name, scale_action (up or down).

So instead of being tied up to amazon, admin could use Rackspace or other siimilar cloud provider API's to scale their instances.



Interesting idea, but scaling up would need more integration with Cloudmin than just running a script ... it would need to somehow know about the newly created VM and bring it under Cloudmin's control as part of the scaling group.

The only proper way this would be solved is if we added support for Rackspace cloud, in the same way we support EC2.

Agreed. But if the scaled instance was just a webserver, that did not have anything to cloudmin, cloudmin only has to know that there is a scaled instance, so when its time to scale down, it sends a signal to the script with the id of the instance that has to be removed.

On another note, Cloudmin cannot add instances to EC2 inside a VPC. Maybe that is an option you can look at?

It would have to monitor the scaled-up instance though, so that it can potentially take it down when load on the scale group is low..

I haven't tried using Cloudmin with a VPC - what goes wrong exactly?

In addition to the Availability Zone we would need a list of subnets on the account using ec2-describe-subnets

and pass that to the run-instance command

-s, --subnet subnet_id If you're using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, this specifies the ID of the subnet you want to launch the instance into.

Type: String

Default: None

Example: -s subnet-f3e6ab83


Thanks, I'll look into supporting this..

EC2 VPC subnets and security groups will be supported in the 5.9 Cloudmin release..

Awesome ! :)

BTW, you mean 6.0 right? :-s The current version is 5.9

The release after the current one :-)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Thank you Jamie for adding the VPC feature.

How do I set the scaled instance to come up inside a particular subnet?

On the creation form, there should be a field labelled "EC2 VPC subnet" in the "Advanced options" section.

Yes, I saw that one already, its for creating new systems in a VPC. I already have servers in the VPC and have added them manually to Cloudmin.

Now if I have to autoscale them, will Cloudmin automatically know which subnet to add the new scaled instance to?

That's a missing feature in Cloudmin 6.0, sorry .. an auto-scaling group can't yet have a subnet selected.

However, this is easy to fix - so if you'd like a patch that adds this feature, please let me know.

Will wait for the next release. Have already asked too much of you :)

Thanks for all the support :)