cant create a sub domain

it appears that the code cannot create the sub domain root folder.
.. configuration failed : Failed to copy /etc/php.ini to /home/*********/domains/newsite4.********.org/etc/php5/php.ini : cp: cannot create regular file `/home/*********/domains/newsite4.*********.org/etc/php5/php.ini': No such file or directory



Howdy -- what features are enabled when creating that Virtual Server?

Setup DNS zone, Accept mail for domain, Setup website for domain, Setup Webalizer for web logs, Create MySQL database, Setup spam filtering, Setup virus filtering, Enable DAV logins, Enable AWstats reporting, Allow Mailman mailing lists,

which should be all except Setup SSL website too and Setup IP-based virtual FTP

frankly didnt pay attention to that....didnt occur to me that it should matter..

Have you made any changes to the home directory base settings in Virtualmin, on the Module Configuration page?

If you perform a configuration check at System Settings -> Re-Check Configuration, does it report any errors?