Unable to Get Nginx Working on GPL 3.89

Hi there,

First off, here's the specs of my freshly-set up server: - Rackspace Cloud Sites w/ 512mb RAM - CentOS 6.1 - Virtualmin 3.18gpl via installer script - All packages are updated

So, starting off, I followed the Nginx enabling guide to the letter at http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/web/nginx

The Nginx 1.0 plugin was installed! Excited!

But when I got to configuring Virtualmin to use Nginx (step 1 in that list), I received the following error: "Failed to save enabled features : The plugin Nginx website cannot be used : The Nginx webserver was not found on your system"

Strange, I thought, and I checked to make sure the Nginx service was running, which it was. I even restarted the service itself, checked inside Virtualmin to make sure it was running, and restarted the server and checked again. Nginx was definitely running!

So I then went to the "Configure" link on the Nginx Website row in Features and Plugins, and saw all the correct commands: Full path...: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf Command to start: /etc/init.d/nginx start Command to stop: /etc/init.d/nginx stop Command to apply: /etc/init.d/nginx restart

Looks good. I can paste those commands into SSH and they all work as expected.

So if I go to "Open" on the same row next to "Configure" in Features and Plugins, I get: "The Nginx command was not found on your system. Use the module configuration page to enter the correct path."

Lovely. If I click on the Webmin tab, go to Servers, then click on Nginx Webserver, I again get: "The Nginx command was not found on your system. Use the module configuration page to enter the correct path."

So if Nginx is running, I can confirm it's running in Webmin and Virtualmin, why is Virtualmin unable to see the commands/server when I try to administer it?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Jamie, it sounds like some folks are seeing problems with it not detecting Nginx on the system unless the full path to the Nginx binary is given.

That's set in Features and Plugins -> Nginx website -> Configure, and set "Full path to Nginx command" to "/usr/sbin/nginx" -- by default it appears that setting is blank.

Yep, after following your suggestion and setting this path, the errors finally disappeared and I was able to continue with my setup. Thanks again, and thanks for getting this plugin started Jamie!

This is a bug in the Nginx plugin - the default config doesn't have the path to the nginx binary set :-(

This will be fixed in the next release, but until then the work-around is to set the Nginx path at Webmin -> Servers -> Nginx Webserver -> Module Config.

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