Missing GeoIP-devel

This is in the i386 library, but, not in the 64 bit library. I have a need to use GeoIP from some code, and, I need the same version of the devel that is in the virtualmin repository.

Can you add the 64 bit version of GeoIP-devel?



What is the name of this package exactly?

The rpmforge repository has an older version than you guys are using, needs to be the same version. I'll wait for Joe.

Do you think it's a problem to use the older version of GeoIP instead of the ones you guys load? You can't use a different version of GeoIP-devel than GeoIP. They have to be in sync.

So, while I am waiting for the devel, do you think it's a problem use use GeoIP and GeoIP-devel from RPMFORGE, which is older?

I can likely use that then if you think it's the same. If it is the same, not sure why it's in your repository then.

So, to use it, I'll have to stop virtualmin from updating or otherwise managing GeoIP so as to not cause future problems.

This is concerning in that I presume if you have it in your repository and you install it from there, there must be something different? Don't want to stop things from working...

Yes, you can use the one I linked to just fine - there is no need to disable updates.

I will add that file to our repo as well.