DNS Bind blow up!?

Recently, my dns bind seems to turn itself off from time to time.

I noticed there was an update for bind in the virtualmin package updates.

bind9 Internet Domain Name Server 9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1ubuntu0.4

So i applied this update and it went through okay. I did not do much else. The next day ALL my servers were unreachable. Seems every dns record in all servers were gone...

Had to restore my whole site from a backup.

Is there some known problems with this?



Howdy -- BIND isn't something that comes from the Virtualmin repository, that comes from your distribution's repository -- Ubuntu in your case.

Over the years, we have heard of a few folks describing what you saw after installing their vendor's BIND update -- that their DNS zones were gone afterwards. While it's been fairly rare as a whole, it's occurred enough that it's a little distressing.

While it's not just Ubuntu that it's happened on in the past, you could always see if Ubuntu has a bug report regarding that.

Other times, we've seen that if someone has BIND chroot'ed, and the newly installed package tries to change that to a non-chroot'ed install (or vice-versa), sometimes that doesn't work properly and makes it appear that there aren't any zone files.

Thank goodness you had backups though! While we hope that never occurs again, if for some reason you ever need to restore config files such as DNS zones in the future -- I'd suggest setting the restore process to only restore those configs, and not the home directory data and databases, if you didn't already do that.