Problem creating Virtual Servers with LDAP User/Groups


I'm having problems creating new virtual servers with my SLES9 server using LDAP users and groups. Specifically Virtualmin (free version) complains that it is not able to create the group (user) correctly, then it stops.

The problem is limited to Virtualmin because I am able to create both users and groups from the command line as well as from the LDAP user/group panel on webmin.

I had a look at the code and it seems to me that the issue is in The setup_unix function creates the group then checks if the group was created correctly:

if (!defined(getgrnam($_[0]->{'group'}))) {

Although my system is configured to use LDAP users and groups, it seems that getgrnam uses only the /etc/passwd. It is not able to find the brand new group because it is looking in a different place...

Maybe the all_getgrnam could solve the problem?

By commenting the exit statement I get the complaint but at least the procedure goes on till the very end. And it works :-)

Any idea?



Closed (fixed)