Alerting options

Is there a way to setup alerting in Virtualmin. For instance if CPU utilization is over x% for greater than y period of time. Or hard disk utilization, hard disk IO, memory utilization, etc.

Email alerts would be okay for basic alerting, but then how would we get email alerts if Postfix \ Dovecot died?



Howdy -- you can configure the alerting options by going into Webmin -> Others -> System and Server Status.

For most alerts, the default email alerts should work well.

In the case of Postfix being down -- you could configure it to run a custom command rather than just sending an email. If you developed a command that alerted you in some other fashion, you could then have the "Postfix is down" alerts use that alternative command.

It looks like we have the alerting turned on. Where do we configure what email address the alerts are sent to? Thanks!

I believe they're sent to the root user by default, but you can add any additional user to also receive an alert by setting a user's email address in the "Also send email for this service to" field when configuring that specific alert.