Replication for Virtual Domains

After setting up Replication for Virtual Domains, is it possible to trigger the replication process via the API or some other scripts?

Eg: Server A is the source and Server B is the replicated system. A Virtual Domain is created on Server A via the remote API, after that is it possible to replicate this domain on Server B immediately?

If that is not possible, could you explain how this would work in a load balanced configuration when a domain is 'not yet' available on Server B?

I had asked this on the forums, Eric asked me to post it under support.



You could trigger this by running :


on the Cloudmin master system.

No, you have to run the one at /etc/webmin/server-manager/

This only gets created when you setup scheduled replication for the first time though..

Oh ok :) Thanks. I've not setup one. So the file is missing.. Thanks