Critical - Allocating Private IP hoses Apache2

Hi Guys,

The attached images show a webalizer error that I wanted to point out to you guys as I am seeing it whenever I allocate an IP address.

I am not sure if that is to blame or Not for what I am experiencing. In a few words, when I choose specific account and in Virtualmin and choose to allocate an IP Address, the website begins going to our default site and if I try to go to the IP address that was allocated, the site sits in a loop and seemingly corrupts all of the css data. It is bizarre for sure.

I have tried restarting apache2, with no success. I have tried applying changes to the network configuration, with no success. This is only fixed by returning the virtual site to the shared IP address.

This is very important as I am needing to get an SSL cert for this site in place tonight.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer,


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That webalizer error is a separate bug (which will be fixed in the next release), but doesn't seem related to the SSL problem.

What is the IP address and domain name in question? The cause may be that your browser has cached the old IP address for the domain, which would no longer work ..

Turns out pointing my local pc's DNS to fixed this.. Strange issue, my local DNS server on my router was probably causing the egregious issue.

Please mark as fixed.

Hope you all have a Happy thanksgiving!


Super, we're glad it's working, and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!

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