Webmin user name change causes false emailalias and non-primary email address change

I just noticed that none of my emails or alias emails were arriving at all...

I discovered that if I change the user names under webmin it not only creates the false alias entry but also changes the email accounts to "No" for primary email account.

I noticed I was not able to log into webmail with my alias accounts until I switched this back to the primary email account, and then I started receiving my mail again for main and alias, it also automatically removed the false alias entry.

I think this is a pretty serious bug, since now I have to manually fix hundreds of email accounts.



Which page in Webmin / Virtualmin did you do the username change on exactly?

Under Webmin / System / Users and Groups

Then clicked on any user and changed the user name from (for Example) "info.promaxia" to just "info"

P.S. The Virtualmin server templates do not have an option for this format of user name. Maybe its getting confused because of that.

Ok, that's not the right place to rename a user ... this will rename only the Unix user for the mailbox, and won't update aliases. The right place to rename is on the Edit Mail and FTP Users page for your domain..

but doing it through Virtualmin does not let me rename them to simple user names, from there they must follow default accepted formats only, like user.domain or user@domain, that's why i had to change them under webmin. The server is only being used for one domain and alias, so I don't need the format for separating multiple domains.

If a users name is "paul" then I want to use "paul, not paul.promaxia and this was the only way I could do it.

In that case, you can turn off the appending of the domain name to mailbox usernames at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Defaults for new domains -> Include domain name in usernames?. This only applies to new users though ...

Ok, Thank you very much for pointing that out for me. Sorry for the trouble, but it was exisitng users that I had the issue with actually.

Unfortunately there is no supported way to rename existing users to a short username - you would have to delete and re-create the user. Be sure to backup his email and home directory if you want to preserve them though..