*.info not being queried

I am doing a restore for a client and I am seeing that the *.info file isn't being queried for the restore and VM is untaring the file.

This shouldn't be happening right ? The info file should contain all the backup info so the restore is faster.



The .info files contain information about which features and domains are in the backup, so that you can list the contents without having to do a full restore..

Is this restore via FTP, SSH or from local? Also, how can you tell it isn't reading the .info files?

It's a local folder and how I know its not reading it is because when I click on "show what will be restored" it just sits there... The backup I need to restore is over 3gigs and 4 hours later it still hasn't gone to the next screen.

I'm guessing this will have to be a manual restore at this rate.

This is what ps shows...

25148 ?        S      0:00 /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/restore.cgi
25153 ?        S      0:00 sh -c (/usr/bin/pbunzip2 -c \/backups\/11\-09\-2011\/centerforsecuritypolicy\.org\.tar\.bz2 | /bin/tar tf -) 2>&1
25154 ?        S      0:00 sh -c (/usr/bin/pbunzip2 -c \/backups\/11\-09\-2011\/centerforsecuritypolicy\.org\.tar\.bz2 | /bin/tar tf -) 2>&1
25155 ?        Sl    10:37 /usr/bin/pbunzip2 -c /backups/11-09-2011/centerforsecuritypolicy.org.tar.bz2
25156 ?        S      0:08 /bin/tar tf -

Does the file /backups/11-09-2011/centerforsecuritypolicy.org.tar.bz2.info exist , or /backups/11-09-2011.info ?

Are you restoring just that specific file, or the whole directory?

centerforsecuritypolicy.org.tar.bz2.info is there, the other one isn't.

I let it run 16 hours and it never went to the next screen.

Ok, but when you are restoring are you entering /backups/11-09-2011/centerforsecuritypolicy.org.tar.bz2 as the source path, or just /backups/11-09-2011 ?

Also, your browser may have lost the connection way before 16 hours. For a large restore like this, I'd recommend doing it from the command line, with a command like :

virtualmin restore-domains --source /backups/11-09-2011/centerforsecuritypolicy.org.tar.bz2 --all-domains --all-features

Just using the directory...

I did end up doing it via console but that's ok if you backup on the disk.

Maybe VM should warn if the file size is over XXX

Ok, so the problem here is that the .info file is only used if you are restoring using the same path as the backup. So in this case, if you just wanted to restore that one domain, you should use the path /backups/11-09-2011/centerforsecuritypolicy.org.tar.bz2