sync virtualmin settings though cloudmin


i have been looking and can't seem to find it... i run several virtualmin servers and i wanna sync all the system settings between the servers, like accountplan, spam settings and so on....

but how do i do that if possible and is it possible to this automatic ?

i though i could do it, though replication, but i haven't been able to get it working if i can..

so can you help me getting this to work ?

regards Jesper



You can setup replication of global settings between Virtualmin systems using Cloudmin, as follows :

  1. Go to Virtualmin Settings -> Virtual Server Replication, and create a new replication config.
  2. Select source and destination systems, but no domains.
  3. Under "Advanced replication settings" in the "Virtualmin global settings to replicate" , check the boxes for global settings you want to replicate.
  4. Define a schedule and save.

This is only one-way replication though .. but that's all Cloudmin supports currently.


Virtualmin global settings to replicate
Module configuration Server templates and plans

Virtualmin features to replicate All features in selected domains

Starting replication from xxxx of Virtualmin settings ..

Finding source and destination systems ..
.. found source xxxx and 6 destinations

Refreshing domains on source system ..
.. done

Creating temporary directories ..
.. done

Backing up 0 virtual servers on source system ..
.. no virtual servers found!

Replication failed - see the output above for the reason why.

<- Return to replication list

so to me it doesn't look like that completed or it did and i should just ignore that msg ?

Looks like the sync didn't happen, due to a Cloudmin bug that is triggered when you don't select any domains to sync :-(

The work-around till I release a fix in the next version is to create a dummy domain on the source system, and then select it for syncing.