Type of Apache Server for SSL Cert


I have purchased a wildcard cert for use on my server.

The issuer asks for a server type.

There are a bunch of options but here are the apache options:

Apache + OpenSSL

Apache + MOD SSL

Apache + Raven

Apache + SSLeay

Apache 2

Apache + ApacheSSL

Which one do I choose?

I am guessing Apache + OpenSSL




Howdy -- I've never known how much all that really matters, but I'd go with what you mentioned there, Apache + OpenSSL.

The "Apache + mod_ssl" option would probably also be accurate, but Apache + OpenSSL seems like a good bet :-)


I picked that option and got an error. Perhaps the error has nothing to do with the type chosen.

Here is the error:

Invalid Wildcard CSR The CSR provided is invalid to generate a wildcard certificate. Please make sure that you generate a CSR with a Common Name (CN) that starts with '*.' (ex: *.yourdomain.com).

Do I need to do something different when generating the CSR?

For a wildcard SSL cert, you'd need to make sure that the Server Name (or "CN") field when generating the CSR looks like *.domain.tld.