Use of Sub-Domains and Wildcard Certs


I want to start using sub-domains set as parent servers and use a wildcard SSL Cert.

Is this the correct procedure?:

Step 1

Create virtual server for main domain =

Step 2

Create subdomain by clicking on Create virtual server and using as the domain name

(This way each subdomain has its own quota, etc.)

Step 3

Change to its own Static IP

Step 4

Apply Wildcard SSL Cert to

Step 5

Change the IP of to the same static IP as

Ignore this error:

The following potention problems were detected with the modification of this virtual server :

SSL cannot be enabled for more than one domain on the IP address *.*.*.* unless a virtual IP interface or private port is enabled, or the certificate can be used for this domain. The current certificate is only valid for :, and it is being used by

Are you sure you want to continue?"

Apply the wildcard cert to

Step 6 - repeat for additional sub-domains added



Yup -- if what you have there really is a wildcard SSL cert (*.domain.tld), and not a cert for just a single domain (domain.tld) -- what you described there will work just fine.


I have not purchased the wildcard cert yet - wanted to make sure it would work this way first.