license consolidation

I'm looking at consolidating two servers, each with it's own virtualmin pro license(100/each). Two questions: A) is there a way to add two licenses to one server? and/or b) is there a way to combine the licenses to make a single license out of it?




Howdy -- it's not possible to have more than one license per server... but we'd be happy to consolidate your two Virtualmin 100 licenses.

We could make it a Virtualmin 250, or a Virtualmin Unlimited -- it's your choice!

Just remember that renewals for a Virtualmin Unlimited cost more than that of a 250.

Let us know if you'd like to do that, and which license you'd like us to consolidate those into.

Hello! Could we consolidate the two into an Unlimited, consolidating 5558140 into 5557767?

Also, how long do I have to bring the other offline before the license expires? While consolidating, I'd need to move stuff from one to the other, but there is not currently enough room on either license for everything. If possible, I'd like time to move from one to the other before the pro license on 5558140 expires. Is that possible? Or should I just use the same license on both during migration?

Sure -- I'll merge 5558140 into 5557767, which expires in November of 2012.

So, 5557767 is now a Virtualmin Unlimited.

I set the other one, license 5558140, so that it'll expire at the end of this year (12/31/2011).

That doesn't mean it'll stop working -- it'll work just fine after that.

At that time, it will display a warning about being expired, and an expired license will stop being able to receive updates a few days after becoming expired. But you'll be able to continue using it, if you're still working to migrate the Virtual Servers from it over to your other server.