One primary user account not receiving mail

First I was getting a bounce to the address which is the primary user for saying that the user was not found in the virtual alias table. I looked at /etc/postfix/virtual and found the section with the aliases in there for postmaster, etc and added kmeat and also to the list as they seemed to be common for the other domains on the system but weren't there for this one. That cured the bounce and I actually did receive one forward to that address. Then I tried to set it up to forward to and now it seems to be broken again. I can send an email from the console root to kmeat via just mail kmeat and it makes the trip all the way to, but other mail that is sent to the server doesn't seem to be processing out to when sent to

I hope that makes sense. It was a long one so you might have to read it a time or two to brain wrap it. =)

Thanks for your help. I'll go ahead and grant access to the server so you can jump in if you need to or tell me what to check please.

Thanks again.



Howdy -- what happens if you go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config -- does it see any problems, or does it list everything as being okay?

Stops at:

Apache configuration file /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf contains SetHandler lines that PHP from running with domain owner permissions. These lines must be removed.

That would seem to be unrelated to my mail problem but I'm not sure at this point. Here's what is in that file:

Well I was trying to include that but it isn't working properly. Attaching a screenshot instead momentarily.

On Debian/Ubuntu systems, a problem can arise with the SetHandler lines in "/etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf " -- they can prevent the FCGID and CGI modes from working correctly.

To correct that problem, edit /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf, and comment out any lines that begin with "SetHandler". That will fix the problem Virtualmin is telling you about.

You're right though, that does seem unrelated to the email problem. I'll log into your system and take a look!

Ok. "Your server is ready for use by Virtualmin" Fixed that by commenting out those lines as you suggested and just sent another test email from to and waiting for it to appear. It has not yet (60 seconds so far)

Sending to kmeat from root via mail in ssh session: immediately received by

Mail problem would seem to persist.

Actually, before I log in, I did have one thought... if you go into Edit Mail and FTP Users, click on the user in question, and then go into "Email settings" -- can you verify that the "Primary Email Address Enabled" option is set to "Yes"?

Yes. Sorry for the delay. I was tied up for a few hours there. In fact, previous to your asking, I went in and found it set to yes... I set it to no, applied and then set it back to Yes again to see if it made any difference.

Apparently not.

GOt one from root and one from your personal account which I replied to. WHat'd ya find?

I tried to resend a activation email from my twitter account that is pointed to (which is what drove this in the first place) and it hasn't come through. I did get another one from root just now.

Well, I'm honestly not certain :-)

I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, so Just for kicks, I changed the order of a couple of lines in your /etc/postfix/virtual file, and I at that point sent those two tests.

They worked, so that's good.

However, I put the lines back to the way they were, sent the test again -- and it still worked.

So at that point, I didn't really change anything, so I'm not sure what was wrong.

Are any other accounts on your system experiencing problems right now?

If there are, I"m unaware of it at this point. Some are getting through, but many aren't it seems. I'm about to turn in for the night. I will be available on this end again in the morning.

Well, I'm not seeing any errors regarding that particular account in your mail log.

It also appears that DNS is correct... I ran the DNS for that domain through, which does a check for any DNS problems.

What I'd suggest doing is to find a server where you consistently have this issue -- and using that server, generate an email, and watch your mail logs for an incoming connection from that particular server.

If you see a connection at all, we can then track what's happening.

If you don't see a connection, then for some reason it's not communicating with your server.