Additional MySQL servers to create users on


Is it possible to run a script on the following?





Do you mean to have that option determined dynamically every time users are created?

Currently, no .. but if you are going to be frequently adding and removing database servers, you could write a cron job to update the mysql_replicas line with the list of DBs.

act im having a virtual ip connected to the database servers.

so since all the database servers are active active, means user are created randomly on one of the database servers at a time.

Having "Additional MySQL servers to create users on" is very nice however im seeing one problem...


mysqlserver-01 mysqlserver-02 mysqlserver-03 mysqlserver-04

settings: mysql_replicas=mysqlserver-01 mysqlserver-02 mysqlserver-03 mysqlserver-04

If a user have been created on mysqlserver-02 when using virtualip active active high availability, virtualmin automatically add for 01 but the process of adding user stop at 02, due to user existed, andit wont proceed to create user on 03 and 04.

any workaround? or perhaps if the user already exist on 02, can virtualmin skip 02 and then proceed to create on 03 and 04?

Currently there isn't support for ignoring a failure like that ..

But if you have Virtualmin adding new users to all your database servers, why would a user ever exist already on one of them?