DBI connect failed : Access denied for user


I just installed Virtualmin with the latest version on a Centos 5.7. Everything is fine until I created a virtual domain from the WEB interface. Step 1: virtual domain created successfully, including MySQL database

Step 2: I wanted to make a restore from a MySQL I have using the command line mysql --user=[username just created by virtualmin] --password=[password I set] databasename < my_dump.sql I have the following error message: "DBI connect failed : Access denied for user..." I tried many times but failed! So, I used the root username! NOTE: it seems my password is encrypted with SHA something because the password stored is something like: *55DD498BCC25D2753...

Step 3: ok, now, I have my website alive with the DB filled and everything is fine. I want to install roundcube and I have the same error message "DBI connect failed : Access denied for user..."!

Well, I don't know what to do? if I change the password, I am afraid that the modification is not propagated?? Can you advice? Thank you

OS: Linux Centos 5.7 Linux 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5 on x86_64 Webmin:1.562 Virtualmin:3.88.gpl GPL