problems/questions about/with upgrade process.

We have 2 systems with 50 user licences. I just upgraded one of them but I cannot tell where the upgrade was applied if at all?

The system I wished to upgrade will still expire in 6 days.

Is there any way to specify what licence to upgrade?



Howdy -- while there's unfortunately not an automated way of specifying which license to upgrade, we'd be happy to help!

If you have the license number of the license you'd like upgraded, I can manually apply that for you.

However, note that an upgrade doesn't extend the expiration of the license, it just changes the maximum amount of domains you can use with that license.

If you're interested in renewing as well -- my suggestion would be to buy a Virtualmin 10 renewal, and I can apply that prior to upgrading it to a Virtualmin 50.

Ok. It also appears that I cannot submit a problem report.

Sorry it was a renewal.

Anyway the renewal order number is 5181 Can I get applied to serial number 5557733

Actually let me take this moment to bitch for a bit.

I have no problems with paying for support or licences. I just want a mechanism that works sanely. Your is not the worst licensing process by any stretch of the imagination but all problems do is put road blocks in the way of getting more customers or more licences.

I should be able to pick a licence that I have and then chose between upgrade, renew or delete. Of course its easy for me to point out the flaws from FAR away and I expect that there is some subtlety in the way the website is set-up.

Okay, you're all set!

And yeah, we're sorry about the issues you ran into.

The issue with submitting a ticket is a problem related to the new server that just went online late last week -- that's something we'll have fixed here shortly.

The issue with not being able to choose what license to upgrade/renew -- that's an annoying problem that is oddly difficult to fix. But, that is on our todo list of things to make a bit nicer :-)

Thanks for your input!