virtualmin modify-php-ini hangs on execute

I have a server with a ton of vhosts on it so I switched from FCGID to CGI. Most of the sites are running WordPress and for the most part seems to work fine in CGI mode. I had a few issues though with certain functions returning "insufficient permissions" in WordPress and found that they could be fixed by setting cgi.fix_pathinfo=0. Since I have to do this for 270+ vhosts I'm trying to use virtualmin modify-php to do a mass edit. When I run the following:

virtualmin modify-php-ini --all-domains --ini-name cgi.fix_pathinfo --ini-value 0

It basically hangs on the first vhost. It seems to edit the file though just doesn't continue on. Tried editing just one vhost with --domain and that got stuck too. Thoughts?





Howdy -- what you're doing is correct, and should definitely work.

So it sounds like you may be seeing a bug of some sort. Can you run an strace of that process (against just one domain), and then attach the resulting output?

An example of how to do that is as follows:

strace virtualmin modify-php-ini --domains --ini-name cgi.fix_pathinfo --ini-value 0 2>&1 > strace_output.txt

That should place the output in strace_output.txt -- then just attach that file to this request.

If it says that strace isn't installed, you can install that by running "apt-get install strace".


Does it keep printing stuff on the console when you run the command with strace, or just hang at the end of the output you attached?

Sorry just saw comment. It just hangs.

Ok, it looks like the script has gone into an infinite loop while modifying the apache config.

Unfortunately I can't re-produce this on my test systems. To debug it further, I'd need to SSH into your system as root and test the modify-php-ini command. Let me know if that is possible..