Sub Server Alias Server DNS errors

Hi Guys,

Had a client report this to me last night, they had created a subserver and then setup an alias server for the sub server. They were unable to get to the website through the alias domain after creating it. I checked it out and sure enough the DNS Server section of the alias server they had setup was bleeding red. I reproduced this on another sub server for another client and have attached the screenshot. What appears to be happening is the DNS information for the primary top level server gets copied into the alias server's DNS file forcing the new domain dns entries to not be loaded.



Closed (fixed)


Could you re-attach that image? I think you submitted this ticket just as we were in the middle of a server migration, and it got lost ..


Here you go.

Thanks .. so in your case, what were the names of the top-level virtual server, the sub-server and the alias domain?

Actually, I see the cause of this now - it is a Virtualmin bug, which I will fix in the 3.89 release.

It happens on when creating an alias of a sub-server that is also a sub-domain.

Hi Jamie,

Sorry for the late responses, I am just now getting the emails from your responses.

I am glad to hear that you were able to pin it down.



Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.