Domain admin owner - how to create mysql account ...

I am finding the way to create mysql account which should be separated system/domain account. This account is only hold mysql permission on specific mysql database(s), no mailbox and virtual server login.

From (Virtualmin - Edit Mail and FTP Users), it always requires to create mailbox under "Virtual domain user mailbox details".

It's better to have separate pages for creating account on each apps (mail, mysql, ftp ...) or a combine/single Select Box/Options to let domain owner decided it.

Please advice :)



Virtualmin has a single list of users, which can be given mail, FTP or DB access. You can create a user with only DB access by setting the "Primary email address" enabled field to "No" on the creation form, and selecting some databases for him to be granted access to..

Which menu should i use to create the account like you said? From Virtualmin - Edit Mail and FTP Users ? If it is, i can't find option "Primary email address" and field "No".

Please show me.

If you go into Edit Mail and FTP users, and click "Add a user to this server" -> "Email Settings", you should see the "Primary Email Address Enabled" option in there.

You are using qmail + vpopmail there, right? If so, you can't create a user without email access, as to my knowledge all vpopmail users are mailboxes.

well, it's really messy because i am using qmail/vpopmail :(

Is that possible to create separate mysql and FTP account separate to email account?

With vpopmail, no .. sorry.

Alright. How about qmail/ldap (patch)? Does it work well for creating separate accounts?


Qmail+LDAP has the same issue - because the users are not real Unix users and always have email, it is impossible to create a MySQL-only user.

The recommended (and default) configuration for Virtualmin is to use regular Unix users as mailboxes. From what we've seen, this works fine unless you plan to host tens of thousands of mailboxes on a single system.