Xen create script buggy?

I tried to create a Xen from the "Debian Lenny 64-bit Xen instance with base OS" image. But after the creation there are some issues... The password was not set correctly.... The Networking was not set correctly... The hostname too...

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Could you post the output from the page that appears when you create the VM? It sounds like some steps were skipped, perhaps due to a problem mounting the new VM's disk images ..

Okay, i tried it again. Now the Hostname setup works fine. But the VM get an IP ( which is not in my pre-defined ranges...

And the password was not set-up correctly.

Look into the attached File...

After Xen create i get the message ".. failed to start : Using config file "/xenstore/lenny.cfg". Error: Boot loader didn't return any"... But if i start the VM via commandline or "Startup System" in Cloudmin, this works fine. Any idea why this happens?

Looks like a few separate issues here ..

As for the IP allocation, Cloudmin should select an IP from the range you set at Host Systems -> Xen Host Systems -> your host. Are you sure the IP chosen is outside that range?

Yes, im sure. As you can see in the attached file, cloudmin adds an DNS entry for an IP which comes from my defined range:

Adding DNS entry lenny.cloudmin.cluster101.net-lab.net. for IP address 80.69.xx.xxx

But the IP in /etc/network/interfaces is In my opinion this is an IP from your dev. network...

The Hostname after creation is "xen64lennytemplate.xen.virtualmin.com"...

The password hash ist "root:63idcXcu.zd/g:14381:0:99999:7:::"

That is really unusual .. it seems that the IP, hostname, password and other settings in your VM aren't being modified at all, even though Cloudmin's VM creation output says they are.

Would it be possible for me to login to your master system to see what is going wrong?

Sure, i've sent you the credentials via E-Mail.

If you have any questions, you can reach me via ICQ: 70241334 or Jabber: pn@jabber.net-lab.net.

Thanks .. I am taking a look now.

I think I see the issue - your VMs are being created with disks on /xenstore , but that is a CIFS filesystem. It seems to have some very odd behavior - during the Xen creation process, I can see that files on the VMs filesystem are correctly modified with the new hostname and IP. But afterwards, those changes disappear!

What kind of system is exporting this CIFS filesystem?

I would suggest using NFS instead, as the semantics of CIFS may not match what Xen expects.

I think i can confirm this. Now we have to find any other solution. Thanks for your help.