oscommerce ' Product not found! ' after upgrade

Hi, have upgraded my system from centos 5 to centos 6 - loaded virtualmin fresh, restored all my files and apart from a few minor things - it all seems to be ok.

However, one of my sites runs Oscemmerce and although it displays o.k. when you click on any product, or link - i get a 'Product not found!' on the page. The product is there though.

there is one thing I find different is that there is no option to go back to PHP 4 anymore - and I can't remember if I used to run this site oscommerce on that or not.

the logs really don't show much, but I think this is the one causing the issue:

[Fri Sep 16 06:47:07 2011] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Deprecated: Function session_is_registered()

please advise.

Closed (fixed)


fixed -

As the store was built in older version of osCommerce it was causing problem with $HTTP_xxx_VARS variables on PHP5.

I have replaced Includes/functions/compatibility.php from a New version of oscommerce and it started working.

That's good news, I'm glad you got it working!