Adding an existing disk via Cloudmin to new VMs instead of creating a disk


I am trying to use thin-provisioned disks and add them to VMs created via Cloudmin.


create new thin provisioned disk:

qemu-img create -f qcow2 /kvm/newdisk.img 50G

Use the above disk for a new VM. Is this possible via cloudmin? if not - what would be the equivalent steps needed to create a new vm and add this as a virtual disk?

Thank you

Closed (fixed)


You can add an existing file as a disk to a VM in Cloudmin at Resources -> Manage Disks -> Add existing file or device as a disk.

However, we don't recommend the use of non-raw format images in a serious production environment, as over-committing could cause filesystem corruption on the VM if you run out of space on the host.

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