After upgrade from hardy to lucid virtualmin config check fails with

The system does not use init.d-style boot actions

it does not proceed with the rest of the config check so I am uncomfortable using the upgraded system. I see documentation that you don't support upstart so bootup actions are broken. That is fine but I need to know if anything else is broken. So, I either need a way to continue the tests or a way to make this test pass.

you might should update

to indicate what to do about this. I think it will happen to anybody who follows those instructions.



I mean to say upgrading from hardy to lucid

and actually from the webmin 1.550 changelog * Added support for the Upstart boot system, seen on Ubuntu 10 and later. so the problem might even be that the check script is broken since I am using webmin 1.560 so it should support it.

Yes, this is due to the user of upstart in the latest Ubuntu. However, we will be releasing a new version of that plugin this week which will support it.