windows server 2008 r2 64 will not run

My desire is to use Cloudmin to manage an opensource XEN server which will be running numerous instances of MS Windows Server 2008 r264. But I have not been successful in installing and running MS Server 2008 using Cloudmin. I can use the exact same Server 2008 iso file to create and run an instance of Server 2008 (on the same server that Cloudmin is running on) with Virtual Machine Manager via the CentOS GUI. Please advise.



What error did you get in Cloudmin when trying to install Windows?

The steps I would recommend to install from an ISO file are :

  1. Upload the ISO file to the Xen host system
  2. In Cloudmin, go to Create System -> Create Xen Instance and click the Create empty system tab.
  3. In the Installation CD image field, enter the path to the ISO file.
  4. Enter a hostname and initial disk size (at least 10GB).
  5. Click the Create System button.

After creation completes, go to System State -> Graphical Console to complete the windows install process.