Citrix XenServer - system creation / resource modification bugs

Cloudmin 5.7 on Solaris 10 Citrix Xenserver 5.6 FP1

Too many workarounds needed. Several Bugs make it almost impossibe to use in Production.
As full XenCenter acess is needed additionally for system creation, there is no real possibility to use cloudmin for user self service.

1) Memory Allocation

Create System / Create Citrix Xen VM: Resource limit options / Memory allocated to instance

The initial values are nor taken by config. The new machines always have 256MB.

Workaround: Can only be changed in XenCenter to after installation

2) Swap File

Create System / Create Citrix Xen VM: Resource limit options / Swap file size for instance

The initial swap file creation fails with an error:

Creating swap disk of 4 GB .. .. swap creation failed : VDI creation failed : The uuid you supplied was invalid. type: SR uuid:

Workaround: Add swap file after machine creation in a 2nd step

3) creating additional disks fails with wrong size calculation

Resources / Manage Disks:

On a host with 2 local storage repositories this fails: When we create a disk in a second local storage repos, the size calculation is still based on the first storage repos.

Workaround: manually add through XenCenter

For the moment this is our list of the most annoying bugs





Sorry to hear you have run into so many issues ...

Just to confirm, is your XenServer host system running Solaris instead of Linux? Or is Cloudmin installed on Solaris?

Citrix Xenserver 5.6 FP1 (Linux - a default install)

Cloudmin 5.7 on Solaris 10 (Solaris Zone)

Our Cloudmin Replica is on Linux. We probably can promote it to Master.

For issue number 1, can you change the memory size after creation in Cloudmin at Resources -> Resource Limits?

For issue 2, I see the cause of this and will include a fix in the next Cloudmin release.

For issue 3, could you explain further what you mean about the size calculation being wrong?