"Default Unix group for domain owners" setting ignored

I am running Virtualmin 3.87 GPL on Debian Squeeze.

In System Settings -> Server Templates -> Template -> Administration User you can set the "Default Unix group for domain owners".

This setting is ignored.

I tested it repeatedly by changing the setting to a group (that definitely exists) and creating a new Host.

Yet at creation I still get the log message "creating new admin group x". Adding user to group ....

The secondary group works, but the primary is ignored.



On the virtual server creation form, do you see the "Group for administration user" field in the "Advanced options" section? It only appears (and gets used) if you are logged in as root, and if the "Allow selection of different group for server admins?" option is set to "Yes" at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> User interface settings.

By the way, this is off by default as generally you don't want to put the domain owner into a group other than the primary group for the domain, as this can mess up quota calculations. Is there any particular reason why you want this capability?